domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

Computer programming


Programming is what makes a computer more than a simple pocket calculator.

It is the language used to create computers programs, using source codes written in a programming language usually created by expertise in many different subject, such as: algorithms and formal logic. In other words, programming are the steps read by the computer to execute any requirement. Everything that you can do on a PC someone had pogrammed it previously, and it is essencial to create softwares and new technologies.

It developes a series of steps:
Define the problem

  1. Plan a solution

  2. Code the program

  3. Select a program to use

  4. Debugs the program in stages to ensure no errors are introduced

  5. Document the design , development and testing of the program


On it's own, a computer isn't very smart.

A computer is essentially just a big bunch of tiny electronic switches that are either on or off. by setting different combinations of these switches, you can make the computer do something, for example, display something on the screen or make sound. That's ehat programming is at its most basic - telling a computer what to do.

of course, understanding which combination of zwitches will make the computer do what you want would be a daunting task - that's where programming languages come in.


A computer programmer desings software programs through building logical work flow charts, the functionality of which is translated into one of several languages that computers can understand. in the majority of cases, the computer programmer also designs a graphical user interface (GUI) so that non-technical users can run the software through easy, point-and-click, manu-oriented modules. The GUI acts as a translator between the user and underlying software code, negating the need to know the command line structure of the language.

Generally, there are 5 basic stages of develpment that a computer programmer addresses in designing software. They are defining the need, desingning a flowchart, coding the software, debugging and beta testing.

jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

Alice 3D

Alice is an innovative 3D programming enviroment that helps you to create any type of animatiom; for telling a story, creating a video to share online, among others. It is free and also designed to be a student's first exposure to any type of computer programming. It allows to create animated movies and simple video games and it also helps students to learn fundamental programming concepts.

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jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

Alice Video Cheerleader

This is our own video made with Alice. It's short but it will show you that this program isn't difficult